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The Spice Sisters

  Margaret and Yasmeen’s sisterhood grew from kitchen kinship and endless hours of table talk. Inspired by family recipes and shared passion for global flavors, the Spice Sisters create unique craft condiments with fresh ingredients and limitless love. Q: What first got you interested in the spice business? A: "We both come from cultures, South-Asia [...]

Vendor Spotlight: To Dye For by Morgan

Welcome to our second installment of the 2017 season's Vendor Spotlights! Last week we did Nitrocup and it was a huge success. We're sticking with the theme of spotlighting new vendors and this week we interviewed Morgan Banta, owner of To Dye For by Morgan! She works with her stepmom, Amy Chelin, and her mother, Sheryl [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Nitrocup

   Vendor Spotlights are back! Make sure to check back here weekly to see who we decide to spotlight next. This week's spotlight was done with the founders of  Nitrocup, Central Illinois Natives and University of Illinois Alumni Grant Garland and Will Newton! Nitrocup is a new vendor this season and has already been a major [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Avery Farms

Charles Avery generally does the fieldwork with his wife adding addtionaly support and suggestions for various new, successful crops. This will be my seventh year here at the Market at the Square. I have always enjoyed working outside and have been a gardener since I was a kid. I bought our farm ground back in [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Campbell Apiaries

Kim Campbell, Owner I've been coming to the Market for over 20 years now. I had been interested in beekeeping and picked up a beekeeping book at a local bookstore to learn more about it. After that, I responded to a newspaper ad selling used beekeeping equipment and it even included colonies of bees. I [...]

Vendor Spotlight: Grandma Cooky

Janet Abrahamson This year is my fourth year selling at the Market. Four years ago, I had a brief break from my job and was looking for some additional income. I took advantage of the new Cottage Food Law and started selling Swedish Tea Rings, homemade pies, quick breads and cookies at the Market and [...]