Vendor Spotlight: Avery Farms

Who is the person behind the farm?

Charles Avery generally does the fieldwork with his wife adding addtionaly support and suggestions for various new, successful crops.

How long have you been selling at the Market?

This will be my seventh year here at the Market at the Square.

How did you get your start?

I have always enjoyed working outside and have been a gardener since I was a kid. I bought our farm ground back in 1993 and grew produce simply for our use untl I retired and expanded my farming operation.

Tell us a bit about your product.

I grow tree fruit, berries and vegetables on what amounts to about two acres. I limit my use of chemicals to fungicides on the fruit trees, Bt on the squash plants and granular fertilizer and compost during the fall and winter. I control weeds by mulches, tillage and weeding by hand. I also have grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef cattle that is available in the late fall. Our honey comes from a handful of beehives located in the farm and in town.

Besides the Market at the Square, where else can we find Avery Farms products?

I provide some produce, such as tart cherries and raspberries, to several vendors for use in their products.

If you would like to contact Charles Avery for more information, email him or call him at 217/369-0588!