Vendor Spotlight: Grandma Cooky

Who is the person behind the operation?

Janet Abrahamson

How long have you been selling at the Market at the Square?

This year is my fourth year selling at the Market.

How did you get your start in farming?

Four years ago, I had a brief break from my job and was looking for some additional income. I took advantage of the new Cottage Food Law and started selling Swedish Tea Rings, homemade pies, quick breads and cookies at the Market and I was routinely selling out of these by 10:30. I also made a couple jars of Strawberry and Bumbleberry Jam, which sold out quickly as well. I realized that I could make jams any day of the week and my jam creativity was unleashed with other original recipes like Paradise and Tropical Banana.

Tell us a bit about your product.

My jams are all handmade by me out of a certified kitchen. I make them from fresh fruit, sugar and pectin (made from orange and apple peels). In addition to this, I also have another business called Barnyard Calico. Cooking and sewing are two things I am most passionate about and (when it does not rain) I also sell little girl dresses and skirts.

Where else can people find your products?

My jams can be purchased on every third Sunday in Bloomington, every first Sunday at the Midwest Bazaar and various craft shows and flea markets. I also sell wholesale to a few small shops in the area.

For more information on Grandma Cooky or Barnyard Calico, make sure to email or call 217/379-3285. Also, make sure to follow Grandma Cooky on Facebook!