Vendor Spotlight: Campbell Apiaries

The person behind the farm:

Kim Campbell, Owner

How long have you been a vendor at Urbana’s Market at the Square?

I’ve been coming to the Market for over 20 years now.

Tell us a bit about Campbell’s Apiaries!

I had been interested in beekeeping and picked up a beekeeping book at a local bookstore to learn more about it. After that, I responded to a newspaper ad selling used beekeeping equipment and it even included colonies of bees. I did this as a hobby for awhile but then I was invited to a local farmers market and began selling my products! I then was offered a spot at Urbana’s Market at the Square and have been here ever since.

Can you tell us a bit more about your honey?

The Midwest produces two main floral varieties of honey–clover and wildflower. Clover is a light-colored, mild-tasting honey while the wildflower is darker and richer in flavor.

Where can we find Campbell’s Apiaries products?

After selling to grocery stores for over 15 years, I have decided to move away from the wholesale marketing for the most part. There are two exceptions though as I still sell to Lola’s Naturals and What’s Cookin’, both located in Charleston, Illinois. Other than that, the Market at the Square is my only other place where I sell my product.

To contact Kim Campbell at Campbell’s Apiaries, you can email him or call at 217/345-7560.