Vendor Spotlight: Nitrocup

   Vendor Spotlights are back! Make sure to check back here weekly to see who we decide to spotlight next. This week’s spotlight was done with the founders of  Nitrocup, Central Illinois Natives and University of Illinois Alumni Grant Garland and Will Newton! Nitrocup is a new vendor this season and has already been a major hit! Let’s find out some more about them.

What is it that you sell at Nitrocup?
Nitrocup is cold-brewed coffee infused with nitrogen. Our special blend of locally-roasted beans is a perfect fit for our process. The smoothness of cold brew combined with the classic, bold flavors o a dark roast make Nitrocup the most enjoyable form of coffee around!

What made you two interested in starting something like this?
This business started from curiosity. I had worked in the coffee industry for years and prepared coffee every way imaginable, but Nitro Cold Brew somehow remained elusive, a myth from big cities and Instagram feeds. It created a discussion of Will’s struggle to find a consistent and enjoyable way to drink coffee on-the-go. Combining both of these things created the motivation to work together to create something special. After months of trial-and-error, we finally poured the winning cup. The cup of coffee that stays true to brew and the bean, while smoothing out the bite.

That’s a great story! Where can we find Nitrocup products being sold?
Currently, we only sell at planned events. You can find us every Saturday at the Market at the Square, at Urbana First Fridays and we have begun selling at the Urbana Food Truck Rallies. We are working on getting weekday sales rolling as the demand for our coffee increases.

How can people find out more information about you and the business?
We absolutely love social media. Like and review us on our Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check us out on Instagram! We also have a beautiful website that you can go to as well.