The Spice Sisters

Welcome back to another Vendor Spotlight!  Our goal is to highlight some of the amazing vendors we see in the Market at the Square throughout the market season.  This week’s Vendor Spotlight features Spice Sisters Margaret Brabham and Yasmeen Hasan.


Margaret and Yasmeen’s sisterhood grew from kitchen kinship and endless hours of table talk. Inspired by family recipes and shared passion for global flavors, the Spice Sisters create unique craft condiments with fresh ingredients and limitless love.

Q: What first got you interested in the spice business?

A: “We both come from cultures, South-Asia and Italian, that love flavorful food.  Creating sauces and condiments that “bump up” the flavor is how are families always cook.  When we first met we started sharing our lunches and exploring each others cooking traditions.”

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: “About 1.5 years.”

Q: Can you give us a brief description of what your product is?

A: “We make craft condiments.  Our recipes cover a fairly wide scope of tastes and textures.  Condiments are a “little something” on the side of your plate.  They can be sweet, savory or spicy; pickled, creamy or saucy.   We are always looking to offer flavors that make meals tasty.”

Q: What would you consider your star product?

A: “Twisted Tomato has been our most popular flavor but, all our creations are like children. They each have their special charms. We have 5 mainstays.  Three of them are currently available: Twisted Tomato is spicy and zesty;  Sassy Sesame is nutty and creamy;  Awesome Apple is refreshing and minty.  Our soon to be introduced flavors: Outrageous Onion is savory and versatile and Cosmic Carrot is warm and complex.  Of course there are always seasonal surprises:  like our Mad Mojito Mix – a concentrate of lime, mint and simple syrup and Celery Cilantro Relish with onions, peppers, whole lemons and brandy.  We are always looking to bring new flavors for people to enjoy.”

Q: Is there anywhere outside of the Market that we can find your products?

A: “We are excited to partner with local supermarkets.  Three of our mainstays are on the shelf at Harvest Market and you will be able to find them in Common Ground soon. However, our other products are only available at Farmers’ Markets.”