Three Angels Family Farm

Three Angels Family Farm is excited to offer locally grown lavender and handmade products.

Our family farm was started in 2019 with the purchase of our farm. We had lived in Champaign for 12 years when we decided in order to make this dream a reality we needed more land. We found a perfect piece of property that had plenty of space to begin our new journey!

During 2019 we planted our first crop of 300 lavender, plants, alfalfa and continued with our children’s products. In 2020 we planted 300 more lavender plants. We removed buds and pruned our hearts out in 2020 to make sure we allowed our plants to develop the best root systems possible! In 2021 we have an additional 300 more lavender plants that are joining the farm. It takes 3 years for lavender plants to be fully grown so 2021 will be the first year we can cut flowering lavender. We have 4 different lavender varieties growing on the farm. We are super excited to share all the amazing lavender and lavender products with you!

Live in moments that matter!

Ordering Deadline: Orders must be placed by 5pm on Wednesday for Saturday pick up.

You can contact Three Angels via Facebook, or on their website.