the little Soap Stop

From our family to yours

When my second son was only 2 years old, I found out that he is allergic to EVERYTHING. (Okay, maybe not everything, but A LOT of things!) After years of searching for good quality bath products that were free of harsh chemicals causing irritation to his already sensitive skin AND something that didn’t contain anything he was allergic to, I finally embarked on a mission to make something myself. How hard could it be? Well, it was harder than I thought. It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of testing and formulating, a lot of math and a little bit of chemistry. Out of that was born this business, the Little Soap Stop, where you can be sure to find good quality bath products, especially soaps, that I know you will find to be cleansing but gentle on your skin and moisturizing! Everything I needed for my son’s skin (and little did I know, my own skin!), and you can trust it to be everything you are looking for to take care of your own, precious skin (yours, and your loved ones!).

You can visit the little Soap Stop here.