Illinois Willows

About Illinois Willows

In the fall of 1999 Kent Miles (a.k.a. Mr. Willows) purchased a corn field with the dream of growing fresh cut flowers and woody ornamentals for the direct to consumer and wholesale customers.

After purchasing the farm, Kent began to clear the land from the corn stubble that was left after the corn harvest. Kent’s neighbor helped by bringing over a stalk-chopper to knock down the remainder of the stalks. In the spring of 2000, Kent laid out and planted his first beds of annuals and perennials. 

As a grower with a floral design background, Kent wanted to grow flowers that he would use in his arrangements. He knew that flowers like roses, carnations and chrysanthemums would not be all that feasible to grow here in central Illinois (due to growing conditions). So instead, he decided to grow some of the different or more unusual flowers that were not as common in local flower shops.

His first year’s crops included Celosia, Ageratum, Yarrow, Sunflowers, Liatris and Gomphrenna. Today, some of these products are still being grown, in addition to 60 other flowers, foliage, woody ornamental branches, and more. See our full product listing here.

Nearly 20 years later, Illinois Willows has product to offer all 12 months of the year as direct-to-consumer sales and for the wholesale trade.

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