Sprouts at the Market

Got a “Sprout” in your life? Then bring them to the farmers market! Sprouts at the Market is our FREE nutrition, farm linkage, and mealtime programming for kids ages 3-8. It takes place the third Saturday of each month from May through October from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Each month brings new fruits and vegetables to the Market, and Sprouts gives participating kids the opportunity to give these locally-grown foods a try. Sprouts also functions as a self-guided tour through the Market, with tables scattered throughout where participants can stop and learn.

2018 Curriculum

May 19, 2018: “Sprouts Plant a Garden”

Join Sprouts and C-U Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen to give kids a start on their very own summer garden! Kids get to start a seed, craft their own garden identifier stake, and conduct a sensory exploration with herbs.

June 16, 2018: “Sprouts Try New Things”

Learning to try new foods can be fun! Sprouts get to explore interesting foods from our local vendors. By letting Sprouts choose and try new things from the market, they continue to build confidence in trying new things at home!

July 28, 2018: “Sprouts Travel Around the Market”

How does our food get to our market and our grocery stores? Sprouts learn about how food travels and the benefits of local food – including how tasty it is!

August 18, 2018: “Sprouts Play in the Dirt”

Sprouts make edible ‘dirt cups’ while learning all about soil!

September 15, 2018: “Sprouts Become Scientists”

Food science lab at the market is always a hit with our Sprouts scientists! Experiment with color changing cabbage juice, use veggies to make art, and play for a while in our sensory bin!

October 20, 2018: “Sprouts Get Creative”

Sprouts get to use their imaginations in the market with help from C-U Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen! Embark on a scavenger hunt through the market to find clues about delicious dishes you can create and design something you can take home to use on your own kitchen adventures. h3>

Sprouts at the Market was a program developed with the help of Jennifer Hewitt and former Market Director Lisa Bralts. The program curriculum is now developed by local registered dieticians Ginger Reeser and Alex Lundquist, in collaboration with current market staff.

For more information please contact the Market Staff.